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Engine upgrades, Cam & stage upgrades, ECM mapping, Carburetor Jetting, Wide-band O2 sensor upgrades, Power vision and Power commander upgrades and tuning, Dynamometer tuning, ECM upgrades. AFR diagnostics and tuning.

What is fuel management and AFR?

When an engine is designed and manufactured, it is done so with everything from Cubic feet of air to fuel ratio, to Horsepower and torque as a complete equation for power and longevity.

If you change any one component, such as an exhaust or intake system, camshaft or other performance part, you have altered the original equation. This will affect the Air Fuel Ratio. Carbureted or Electronic Fuel Injection, it is very important that the correct AFR is achieved. All too often any one modification will not take into consideration the complete result. Add-on tuners can help; However, they are often never correctly tuned and that can affect your engine, its longevity and resulting horsepower and torque. Exhaust backfire, hesitation and other problems come from attempts to increase horsepower or exhaust sound that can actually reduce horsepower and cause harm to your engine.

Using our Dynojet 250i state of the art dynamometer, we can correctly stage, build or tune your engine to produce the maximum horsepower and torque while ensuring your engine is running properly, getting the right fuel ratio and mileage. With cam profile, lift and duration in mind we can specifically improve and see gains of 30% more horsepower and torque. We can install complete engine, intake and oil system upgrades and see gains of 100% more horsepower and torque.

We can also improve your stock performance with no engine part changes at all. With our 250i Dynamometer, we can diagnose clutch problems, tuning issues and more. We are equipped with AFR on-board diagnostics that can be used to properly jet carbureted engines to match any exhaust or intake upgrade. Don’t guess around with a “butt-dyno” method. Know for sure, protect your investment and motorcycle engine with our fully professional state of the art dynamometer tuning.

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