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Founded by John Owings, in 1982, Custom Cycle Studio has brought decades of skill and expertise to thousands of custom original bike paint jobs and restorations. John spent much of his early study in art, a Degree graduate at the Maryland College of Art and Design, and also in mechanical trade schools and on the job. Building motorcycle, race engines, developing turbo technology, working as a lead technician and Fully ASE certified, John has also served Virginia as an Emissions Compliance officer, State Inspector and State Emissions Inspector for over 17 years of his career. Very few shops offer this kind of full service background and ability, from crankshaft to clear coat and deliver it with a full one year limited warranty. We are located in Hamilton VA, in the best riding area with roads going through the tri-state area. We can ship anywhere for those who need, and also pick up and deliver your bike. Custom Cycle Studio has stood the test of time, lasting decades longer than most bike shops. Our goal is customer satisfaction, American Craftsmanship and quality work.


When you bring your bike to Custom Cycle Studio, you work directly with John. He is the owner and expert you will be able to know year after year, and he will be here when you need him. Over 30 years of mechanical experience and over 40 years of artistic experience, with a combined commitment to skilled American Craftsmanship, is here for your needs. We offer anyone with military service a 10% discount. John fully respects and cherishes his freedom as an American. Fine illustration, scrollwork; lettering and striping, graphics and photo-realism can adorn your Motorcycle, car or truck. Fantasy art or new and inspired one-of-a-kind illustrations, are his specialties as a fine artist. Creative use of design and color is always a first concern when working with your ideas. John can take exactly what you show him or create a completely new design from just your ideas. A bloodline artist and Biker at heart, John understands custom motorcycle art. Celtic, Tribal, Fine, graphic, retro and contemporary art are just some of the formats John can use. Free-hand airbrush illustration and custom leather paintwork are fine art specialties John can render as well. Working with his customer's ideas is what John considers his profession and what keeps his art fresh and personal. Animal totems, family artwork, Military and theme art also are fully understood and professionally researched by John. Complete design roughs, free-hand illustration, Micro fine illustration, Tattoo flash art, Mural art and even computer design are available from the vast experience John has as an artist. Many times his work is a combination of all of these technologies and artistic abilities.

About Us

Serving Northern Virginia for over 25 years!

We work on the real antique Indian motorcycles, as well as the Gilroy era and new Polaris Indians.