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Custom Cycle Studio Dyno-Tuning price list

Base-line Dyno-run


Basic safety check-over of your motorcycle and Dynamometer Horsepower and Torque readout and AFR graph results. We make sure your tires, oil and coolant levels, Drive chain or belt, Tire pressures and other systems are ready for testing. We then run three full sessions and print out the results and can discuss the possible reasons for anything that isn’t working properly on your motorcycle.


ECM Tuning-run Auto-tune and ECM Mapping, Map editing 


After base-line diagnostics, we can then map the ECM or correctly jet your carburetor or set of carburetors. The price of this can vary a bit, depending on how many carburetors and or; if we are installing a wide-band tuner, ECM Map or ECM upgrade. This in many cases includes a tuning license, Power vision tuner or PV tuner kit.

Cam chest, Cam, Exhaust, Intake installation and Dyno-Tuning. 


This is a general price for stage three upgrades, where we install cam and cam chest upgrades, exhaust and wide band O2 sensors and more. This price includes cam kits like Fueling, S&S and more. It includes exhaust upgrades like Bassani, Cobra and others which in some cases come with their own tuners. Each upgrade is different; from tuning a M8 HD, to a Yamaha, Honda, Indian, Ducati and other makes.  

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